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How to Navigate a Job Interview Like a Skilled Captain?

Thorough interview preparation is vital for success, and instilling confidence. However, it's important to strike a balance; don't let excessive preparation overshadow your genuine curiosity.

The interview is your chance to gain a comprehensive understanding of the potential career opportunity and company!

To take the best out of interview opportunities and emphasize the significance of the upcoming career move, I advise my candidates a "macro, meso, and micro" technique. My candidates share that this approach proves extremely helpful, offering clarity, guiding conversations, and providing valuable insights about the company and the role.

The terms "macro," "meso," and "micro" are used to categorize different levels of analysis or perspectives when asking questions about a company. Here's an explanation of each:

Macro-Level Questions:

Definition: Macro-level questions focus on the big picture and the overall context in which the company operates. They deal with broad concepts and factors that influence the company at a high level.

Examples: Questions about the company's long-term strategy, its position in the industry, offices abroad, network, global impact, financial health, sustainability practices, etc.🌐📊

Meso-Level Questions:

Definition: Meso-level questions centre around intermediate aspects of the organization, such as specific departments, teams, or processes. They look at how different parts of the company work together and function internally.

Examples: Questions about team dynamics, workflow and processes, internal communication, performance metrics, training and development opportunities, etc. 🤝🔄

Micro-Level Questions:

Definition: Micro-level questions zoom in on the details of specific roles, tasks, or immediate working environments within the company. They address the day-to-day operations and responsibilities of individuals.

Examples: Questions about day-to-day responsibilities, immediate projects, team structure, company's CRM systems, feedback and performance reviews, etc. 👩💻🔍

In summary, macro-level questions provide a broad understanding of the company's overarching strategy and context, meso-level questions delve into departmental or team-specific dynamics and processes, and micro-level questions focus on the specific details of individual roles and tasks within the company. When preparing for an interview, it's useful to mix questions from these categories to gain a comprehensive understanding of the organization from different perspectives.

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