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Want to optimise Your Job Search? Discover how to make your job hunt SPEC-tacular ✨

Ever feel overwhelmed with crafting the perfect job application? Did you know hiring managers typically glance at an application for just 7.4 seconds? Let's make every second count! 🕒

To make your job application more efficient, we advise you to use a SPEC Method. Career consultants use the SPEC method to bring candidates to the attention of their partners. It's concise, straightforward, and can be quite intriguing at times. We utilize SPEC to save our partners' time⏱️ and focus their attention on the most important key details relevant to an open position. 🎯🔍

So, what does SPEC stand for?

💼 Skills (What are you great at?)

😄 Personality (What makes you, you?)

🏆 Experience (What have you achieved?)

📜 Certificates (What have you learned?)

💡Feel free to use these letters in any order that best suits your situation.

💡You can write a comprehensive text/ use bullet points or give freedom to your creativity and design a more original layout.

💡Remember, being genuine is key. Your authenticity is your strength.

➡️ SPEC Method can save you time, and make your introduction more effective, ultimately boosting your job application success!

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