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Your Resume is NOT about YOU! 🚫

When we create a Resume, we make sure that:

➡️ The description presents to the reader our expertise

➡️ Job tailored & includes keywords

➡️ Maximum 1-page length

➡️ Eye appealing & reader-friendly

➡️ We are proud of what we can contribute to a team 🤝

That’s all correct❗

But what if I tell you that your Resume IS NOT about YOU? 🤔

What if I ask you to switch the perspective and think as a hiring manager (of the role you apply to)? 🔄

He has an open role, and his challenge/ problem is to pick the RIGHT candidate from the market. 🔍 Among other strategic business decisions, he needs to make, he is responsible for choosing the RIGHT specialist for a SPECIFIC role. 🎯

You can differentiate from other applicants by switching the perspective. While writing your Resume ask yourself: how does my Resume solve the problem of the hiring manager?

To find out the problem of the hiring manager/ company, you can:

🟢 Carefully study the Job Description

🟢 Analyse the company’s website & social media accounts

🟢 Speak to employees who are working there or were working at this company (especially if they are in your network).

💡 Remember: Your Resume is a strategic document that positions you as the solution to the employer's challenges.

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